Welcome to the City of Perryton. In an effort to better serve you, we thought it would be appropriate to outline a few of the policies in our utility department for your information.


Note: A city ordinance requires that we hold a deposit on every meter in service. We do not accept letters of credit. All deposits are held by the city until the customer makes their disconnection of city utilities. If the customer moves from one address to another, the deposit is transferred with that customer. When the customer makes their final disconnect, the deposit is released and applied to the final bill. At that time the customer will either receive a final bill stating the amount due after the deposit is applied, or receive a refund for any balance held. There is no interest accrued.


 Water Only - $ 75.00

 Water and Gas - $ 200.00

 Gas Only - $ 200.00

Note: If your total deposit is $200.00, we may, at the City's discretion, accept $100.00 at the time of connecting and the other $100.00 will be added to your first bill. Should the remainder of the deposit not be paid when required, service is subject to disconnection, at which time a reconnect fee of $30.00 will be assessed.


 Monthly average for the property with a minimum of $300.00. 

Note: If at any time a customer moves from an address owing a utility bill and they return later for service, they will be required to pay the past bill and a higher deposit may be required.