Billing and Payment Schedule:

The City's utility bills are delivered to the customer by the US Postal Service on the first business day of each month. Should you not receive your bill within a couple days after this date, you may call the utility billing department at 806-435-4014. Not receiving a bill is not an acceptable reason for nonpayment. On the first business day after the 12th of the month a penalty is added to the account and the "Gross" amount is then due. This amount must be paid on or before the 22nd of the month. Past Due notices or reminders are sent on the 13th of each month. These reminders are sent as a courtesy through the US Postal Service. Sometimes these notices are not received by the customer, failure to receive this notice is not an acceptable reason for not paying the amount due by the due date. We do have a 24-hours a day drop box, located near the front door of City Hall for your convenience, should you need to pay after hours. On the 23rd, service will be disconnected for nonpayment. Should the services be disconnected, a $30.00 reconnect fee will be assessed before the service can be turned back on. Unless prior arrangements have been made, the reconnect fee will be assessed to all accounts not paid or in the drop box by 8:00 a.m. the 23rd. If the account is paid before the actual cutoff has occurred we may, as a courtesy, stop the disconnect. However, the fee will still be assessed to the account, regardless as to whether or not the service was actually disconnected. **Temporary City Hall location is at 417 S. Amherst.**

The City's meter readers are not allowed to accept money. Therefore, you cannot avoid the disconnection of services by paying the employee that comes to the meter. You must come to City Hall in order to pay the account. The fee is increased to $40.00 if the reconnect is made after the 5:00 p.m. or on the weekend. 

Note: If it is determined that a customer has turned  their water back on, even temporarily, a $30.00 penalty will be added to the account. A second offense will result in in another $30.00 penalty, plus charges will be filed on the individual responsible for the account.

Returned Checks: 

Should a check for payment be returned by the bank for or insufficient funds, a $25.00 fee will be assessed. You will have seven days in which to pay the check or until the 23rd of the month, whichever comes first. Should the check be returned after the 23rd, you will have have 24 hours after notification in which to pick up the check. Should a check be returned to to the the account being closed , no notification will be given and services will be immediately disconnected. Should the customer not pickup a returned check when due, services will be disconnected and are reconnect fee assessed. A returned check may only be paid by cash or money order. If two checks are the for the same customer within a six-month period, that customer will be placed on a “Cash Only” On basis for a period of one year. All payments to the City will require either cash or money order.


Bad Debts:

In requesting utility service from the City of Perryton, the customer understands that services are being provided in return for compensation. Although, the City of Perryton is willing to work with our customers as much as reasonably possible, we are also very proactive in recovering any debts left owing by customers who move out leaving balances outstanding.

The City of Perryton is a member of the Texas Revenue Recovery Association and as such is required to collect debts owed to other member cities. If we find that you have moved into Perryton owing another member city, the amount owed with an additional $25 service fee will be added to your monthly bill. Once added, this amount becomes part of your debt to the City of Perryton and failure to pay will result in services being disconnected. Also, if you move to another member city leaving a past due amount owed to the City of Perryton, the amount owed will be attached to your monthly billing at the new address plus the $25 service charge.


If a customer leaves one address moving into another that is listed under a different name, any past due bills left owing must still be be paid. Failure to  pay any balances owing is deemed to be a thief of service and formal charges will be filed. 

Should an individual return to the City of Perryton and it is determined that there is a previous past due amount owed, this amount will need to be paid before service may be restored. Depending on the circumstances involved, a payment arrangement may be be available. In this case, a higher deposit may also be required.