Elected & Appointed Officials

Elected Officials


Kerry Symons (806)435-4014 Ext. 202

Mayor Pro - Tem

Greg Good (806)435-4014 Ext. 202

Council Member

Marcia Hale (806)435-4014 Ext. 202

Council Member

Shae Cunningham (806)435-4014 Ext. 202

Council Member

J Aston (806)435-4014 Ext. 202

Council Member

Brad Kile (806)435-4014 Ext. 202

Appointed Officials

City Manager

David Landis

City Secretary

Kim Fowler

Director of Finance

Ellie Blasingame

Director of Public Works

Brandan Knapp

Chief of Police

Nick Yara

Fire Chief

Paul Dutcher

Code Enforcement

Craig Schwier

Purchasing Agent

Greg Ellis

Parks/ Recreation and Golf Course Greenskeeper

Brian Hulsey

Street Department Supervisor

Octavio Flores

Gas Supervisor

Steven Francis

Water/ Wastewater Supervisor

Robert Holland

Sanitation Supervisor

Royce McClure

Perryton Municipal Golf Course Pro-Shop Manager

Tate Allred

Municipal Court Judge

Bruce Roberson